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The town of Rauma grants Rauman Biovoima the HINKU label for a carbon-neutral town

The town of Rauma has granted the Rauman Biovoima energy company a diploma for committing to the town’s carbon-neutral municipality target.

The criteria emphasised the companies’ resource calculations for energy consumption and for raw material and waste management costs, as well as their resource usage monitoring.

Rauman Biovoima is among Finland’s greenest power plants of its size. Use of renewable fuels, energy efficiency, excellent process management and efficient flue gas cleaning guarantee environmentally friendly production of energy. Rauman Biovoima is committed to good management and continuous improvement of environmental issues. The plant has an ISO14001 certified environmental system and an ETJ+ energy-efficiency system.

Rauman Biovoima is a pioneer in the utilisation of by-products. It aims at zero waste energy production. The company participates in the Circwaste circular economy project partially funded by the EU. The project promotes the recycling of industrial and household waste. Industrial by-products are utilised in the construction of the Sampaanala bay storage field that is part of a regional project in southwestern Finland. The Sampaanala bay storage field project won the 2013 GeoTeko award of the Finnish Geotechnical Society, and it is the first large-scale project of its kind in Finland. The project reduces the need for natural rock materials and transportation, which means lower emissions and energy consumption.

Other recipients of a diploma from the town of Rauma were Rauman Energia Oy, HKScan Oyj, Mantsinen Group Ltd Oy, Port of Rauma Oy, Suomen Sairaalatukku Oy and UPM Communication Papers Oy. A total of 53 companies have received the HINKU diploma from the town of Rauma.

Further information: Timo Pitkänen, Managing Director, Rauman Biovoima Oy, tel. +358 204 143 611