Accuracy improves occupational health and safety


The more observations regarding occupational health and safety people make at power plants, the less accidents will occur. Increasing the number of OHS observations is one of the OHS focus areas in all of the Pohjolan Voima companies.

When people observe their own work environment more keenly, they often change their ways of working in the long term. Risks can be better anticipated – which is the ultimate goal of OHS efforts.

A total of 1,380 EHS (Environment, Health and Safety) observations were made in 2018. Observations are one of the indicators used in the scorecards of Pohjolan Voima's own personnel.

All kinds of observations

So, what kind of observations do people make?

“All kinds. Some may notice defective protection features, while others may make small but important observations, such as wiring in the wrong place or a device that has been left on unnecessarily,” says Production Manager Heli Nevala, who is in charge of OHS issues at the Pohjolan Voima production companies.

Attitude is the key

OHS training customised for each power plant is regularly arranged. However, Nevala says that people’s attitude is as important as training when it comes to occupational health and safety.

“We can all influence our own attitude every day.

Orientation courses are also necessary. Each power plant has its own rules, and people coming to the power plant from elsewhere for an annual outage attend an orientation course to familiarise them with these rules. Subcontractors and visitors in general must also be trained. The people receiving them are obligated to ensure that they are aware of the rules and follow them.”