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Responsible operations are part of Pohjolan Voima’s strategic outlook. Our values – skilfully, boldly, together – create the foundation for our corporate responsibility. For Pohjolan Voima, responsibility means the responsible management of financial, social and environmental issues. 

Pohjolan Voima’s cost price operating model is the foundation of the responsible operations: our extensive cooperation network ensures that the benefits from Finnish electricity and heat production can be felt all around Finland. We do our part in enabling the success of our owners, and our operations indirectly create jobs and wellbeing for the whole of Finland. 

The responsible operations are guided by responsibility policies approved by the Pohjolan Voima Board of Directors. Our responsibility programme, or action programme to develop responsible corporate operations, describes the current state of factors important to Pohjolan Voima’s business operations and to its stakeholders, as well as development and monitoring needs.

The responsibility programme is updated on an annual basis. The responsibility programme includes factors that have been identified as important and have been placed under monitoring. Development measures have been established for some of these factors.

Visit our website to read more about our responsibility programme and responsible operations.

We develop selected responsibility focus areas

Each year, we select focus areas for the development of responsibility. In 2018, the focus areas were:  

  • Development of safety management 
  • Responsible value chain 
  • Development of NGO cooperation 
  • Assessment of circular economy

We promote our safety culture 

In 2018, we started a safety development project that will continue in 2019. The goal is to strengthen Pohjolan Voima’s safety culture and develop the measurement and analysis of the actual safety level. Meanwhile, we will also improve processing of safety and environmental observations. 

We ensure responsible operating methods throughout the value chain 

We continued with the development of responsible operating methods in the value chain. Over the course of the year, we audited two of our recycled fuel suppliers and continued to audit our peat suppliers. The employees of our hydropower partners completed our online responsibility course. We also contemplated expanding the responsibility training and audits to cover our other key suppliers.   

We promoted responsible hydropower production through several voluntary cooperation projects.

For more information, please see the Environment section.

We aimed for cooperation with NGOs  

In a stakeholder survey carried out in 2017, most non-governmental organisations wished for more cooperation with us. The development of cooperation and interaction with the NGOs has been one of our responsibility focus areas since 2017. In 2018, we invited representatives of NGOs to our events for discussions with us. We were unable to improve the interaction in 2018, however.  

We assessed importance of the circular economy in Pohjolan Voima 

In 2018, we investigated the significance of the circular economy in Pohjolan Voima together with all of our energy production methods and production companies. We are already engaged in many aspects of the circular economy, but have failed to tell our stakeholders about these actions to a sufficient extent.

Introduced ideas included better utilisation of excess heat, which is also an issue connected to energy efficiency, further improvement of the utilisation of a variety of by-products in cooperation with other parties and recycling of water fractions. In future, we will continue to focus on the development of these ideas and the circular economy.   

We replaced “resource efficiency” with “circular economy” in the sections on these issues in our responsibility programme. 

Appropriate management and improvement of HR and environmental issues are important parts of responsible operations

As part of our responsibility efforts, we apply best practices in our environmental, energy efficiency and occupational health and safety operations, and we strive to continuously improve them.

Legislation and operating principles to be followed in Finland include principles corresponding to the ten internationally recognised human rights, labour, environment and anti-corruption principles of the UN Global Compact.