Annual Report 2018

There is strong expertise and professional competence in Pohjolan Voima


Our competent, capable and committed employees enable our success during the challenging reform of the energy industry.  According to the 2018 personnel survey, 86% of our employees consider Pohjolan Voima to be a good workplace as a whole. The employees value Pohjolan Voima’s good atmosphere, community spirit, competence, openness to change and flexible work practices.

A little less than a half of the employees work for Pohjolan Voima Oyj and a little over a half are employed by the production companies. The personnel structure focuses on expert tasks. 

Values guide everything we do  

Our corporate culture and operating methods are based on the values, which have been determined together with the employees: skilfully, boldly, together. The values guide everything we do. The “skilfully” value also covers the fact that we always work safely. At the end of 2018, we launched a safety project which aims at increasing Pohjolan Voima’s safety level and developing the measurement and analysis of the actual safety level by using the best applicable data platform. 

Together! – development of corporate culture

The Group-level corporate culture development project dubbed Together! continued throughout 2018. The top-level project included five subprojects:

  • Future and strategy
  • Changing work practices
  • Working method reform
  • All of us are communicators
  • More energy from wellbeing

The project aimed at promoting our corporate culture, especially in the fields of motivation, communication, listening and participation.

We determined Pohjolan Voima’s strategic capabilities as part of Together! The employees actively participated in the work by determining what the capabilities mean for the competencies of each unit.

We continued with the development of new work practices. Based on discussions with the employees, experiences from the flexible work pilot project, which allows employees to work regardless of the time and place, have been positive. The pilot project was started last year. We more widely introduced the flexible practices based on the discussions.

The goal of the project All of us are communicators was to highlight the important role of each Pohjolan Voima employee as a communicator. We supported the employees’ communication competence by offering them training on communication channels and social media, as well as by providing tips on how to use the different channels in their expert work. These issues were also covered during performance reviews. In addition, we further specified the roles of our communication and discussion channels.

We strongly invested in the comprehensive wellbeing of our employees. All employees had the opportunity to participate in training and info sessions on physical, mental and social wellbeing. 

As in the previous years, the 2018 personnel satisfaction survey included collecting feedback from the personnel and assessing our management practices. The personnel satisfaction survey response rate increased from 87 to around 90 per cent, which is an indicator of the employees’ willingness to participate in the development of the company and its operations.

Meanwhile, we received a Great Place to Work® certificate, a recognition on the building of a good workplace and the creation of a corporate culture that is based on trust. The certificate is awarded to companies that achieve a Trust Index of at least 70%. We openly reviewed the results of the personnel satisfaction survey with the employees, and each unit was tasked with setting a goal that will develop Pohjolan Voima’s atmosphere.

We actively monitor development of occupational health and safety 

Occupational health and safety is measured by, for example, monitoring indicators such as the number of accidents among our own employees and the employees of our partners, the accident frequency and the number of safety and environmental observations made.

In 2018, the accident frequency in work done by Pohjolan Voima’s own employees and purchased services at the power plants was 4.4, which is less than half of the average accident frequency in the energy industry. Pohjolan Voima’s own employees did not have any accidents leading to absence from work (LTA1). Employees of supplier companies had a total of three LTA1 accidents. Almost 700,000 person-hours were worked, of which Pohjolan Voima’s own employees accounted for almost 250,000 hours. A total of 1,380 EHS (Environment, Health and Safety) observations were made. 

In 2018, we arranged first aid training for the employees and purchased defibrillators for the work premises.

Development of competence through training and discussions

In 2018, personnel development focused on shared training courses. Our internal training was strongly linked to the corporate culture development subprojects. The training courses dealt with communication, utilisation of the social media, wellbeing, self-management and the energy industry. On average, the employees were in training for four days in 2018.

We started monthly supervisors' round table discussions where the supervisors receive the latest news and have the opportunity to ask questions and point out development areas, as well as discuss the challenges of supervisory work. Personnel development is also supported by means of performance reviews and intermediate performance reviews, as well as coaching discussions. The latter are arranged as necessary. In 2018, the special themes in the performance reviews were internal communication and the communicator role of all employees. 

Key personnel figures in 2018 

At the end of 2018, we employed 105 (in 2017: 106) people, of whom 15 (12) had a fixed-term employment relationship. The number of regular employees was reduced by two and the number of office employees increased by one from 2017. The increased number of non-permanent employees was mostly due to PVO-Lämpövoima’s need to ensure high-quality implementation of the closure of the power plants.

The prevailing working time arrangement is full-time work. At the end of 2018, a total of 3.8% of the employees were part-time employees. The company employed a total of six summer employees in 2018. In 2018, average age of the permanent employees was 44 years (45 in 2017), and 25.6% (26.6%) of the employees were female. There have been no major changes in the age or gender distribution in the past few years.   

The total turnover of permanent employees in 2018 was 13.3% (8.2%). The personnel turnover was influenced by the fact that the Harjavalta functions of Pohjolan Voima’s energy management business were sold to PD Power Oy on 1 January 2019, at which time the employees working in Harjavalta became employees of PD Power. Their employment with Pohjolan Voima ended on the last day of the year, which means that these employees influence the total turnover rate for the year. Most of the turnover comes from outgoing employees. Only some 10% of the turnover is due to retirement and less than 20% is due to incoming employees. 

On average, employment contracts valid until further notice are fairly long, typically between 11 and 20 years.

Number of personnel by Group companies on 31 Dec 2018, in permanent employment, total 90

YhtiöVakituisen henkilöstön määrä
Pohjolan Voima Oyj, 4747
PVO-Vesivoima Oy, 1010
PVO-Lämpövoima Oy, 11
Laanilan Voima Oy, 2828
Kymin Voima Oy, 22
Kaukaan Voima Oy, 22

Number of personnel on 31 Dec in 2014 - 2018, in permanent employment

Number of employees20142015201620172018

Breakdown of personnel by age on 31 Dec 2018, in permanent employment

Number of employees20-2930-3940-4950-5960-6364 or over

Years of employment on 31 Dec 2018, in permanent employment

Number of employeesunder 11-56-1011-2021-30over 30

Employee turnover in 2018, in permanent employment

Number of employeesNew recruitsTerminated contractsRetired
Number of employees4192

Personnel by personnel group in 2014 - 2018, in permanent employment and on fixed-term contracts

Number of employees20142015201620172018
White-collar workers6048231921
Senior Staff and management8576686261