Annual Report 2019

Responsible operations are part of Pohjolan Voima’s strategic outlook






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Responsible operations are part of Pohjolan Voima’s strategic outlook. Our strong values – skilfully, boldly, together – create the foundation for our corporate responsibility. For Pohjolan Voima, responsibility means the responsible management of financial, social and environmental matters.

Pohjolan Voima’s cost price operating model is the foundation of the responsible operations: our extensive cooperation network ensures that the benefits from Finnish electricity and heat production can be felt all around Finland. We do our part in enabling the success of our owners, and our operations indirectly create jobs and wellbeing for the whole of Finland.

The responsible operations are guided by responsibility policies approved by the Pohjolan Voima Board of Directors:

  • Code of conduct
  • Competition law policy
  • Personnel policy
  • Environmental and energy efficiency policy

Our responsibility programme, or action programme to develop responsible corporate operations, describes the current state of factors important to Pohjolan Voima’s business operations and to its stakeholders, as well as development and monitoring needs. The responsibility programme includes factors that have been identified as important and have been placed under monitoring. Development measures have been established for some of these factors. These include climate change, biodiversity, reliable production and lifecycle management.

Visit our website to read more about our responsibility programme and responsible operations.

We develop selected responsibility focus areas

Each year, we select focus areas for the development of responsibility. In 2019, the focus areas were:

  • Development of safety management 
  • Responsible value chain 
  • Circular economy

Good safety culture requires observations

We concluded a safety development project in 2019. The goals were to strengthen Pohjolan Voima’s safety culture and develop the measurement and analysis of the actual safety level. During the project period, briefings on the development of the safety culture and on the significance of making observations were arranged for the employees. We also arranged training on fire risks in cooperation with TVO and our insurance company.

The strengthening of the safety culture can be seen as improved power of perception of Pohjolan Voima’s personnel: each Pohjolan Voima employee was to make ten observations on safety, the environment or energy efficiency in 2019. The goal was reached: a total of 10.7 observations per employee were made.

We had set 1,350 observations as the combined goal for our own employees and the employees of our partners. We clearly reached this goal: a total of 2,087 observations were made. The figure does not include TVO’s observations. Unfortunately, we did not reach our accident goal. Our goal is zero accidents, but Pohjolan Voima’s employees were involved in two accidents that led to absence from work.

We ensure responsible operating methods throughout the value chain

We continued to develop responsible operating methods in our value chain. In the past few years, we have focused on auditing our fuel suppliers. Due to the conclusions of the safety development project, we decided to also focus on auditing responsibility of the rest of the supplier network in future. We studied the opportunity to join a HSEQ auditing cluster and made a decision to join the cluster as of the beginning of 2020.

We procure our fuel from reliable partners and regularly audit our fuel suppliers. Our wood-based fuels are by-products from forestry and the forest industry, and we follow a recommendation by Finnish Energy to secure the sustainability of our wood-based fuels. We have specified exact quality classes for recycled fuels, and our power plants only accept fuels that comply with these quality requirements.

We promoted responsible hydropower production through several voluntary cooperation projects which develop the management of the aquatic environment in our operating area, improve the quality of water, promote recreational use of water areas and work to restore the natural circulation of migratory fish. For more information on our cooperation projects, please see the environmental section of our annual report.

We communicate our circular economy actions

In 2019, we actively strived to communicate information about our goals related to the circular economy. We explained through our communication channels how we are demolishing our coal-powered plants at Tahkoluoto in Pori and in Kristiinankaupunki. The end of a power plant’s lifecycle is a major challenge in terms of the circular economy, and our goal is to achieve a high level of recycling in cooperation with our partners.

We have primarily attempted to utilise the power plants’ components as such. They can be used as spare parts elsewhere, for example. Scrap iron is utilised as a raw material, concrete is used in earth construction and other types of demolition waste are properly recycled. Almost all of the materials from the demolished power plants will be reused in one form or another.

The largest material flows during the operation of a thermal power plant are fly ash from combustion gas cleaning and bottom ash from boilers. The utilisation rates of these as materials in earth construction, for example, have remained high. In 2019, we prepared a new kind of cooperation between our power plants to determine new utilisation opportunities – we want to ensure that the principle of circular economy is realised in the case of fly ash also in the future.

We are ethical 

Pohjolan Voima always conducts its business in an ethical manner and in compliance with legislation. Our operating principles include principles on human rights, labour rules and anti-corruption.

We are committed to complying with all applicable laws and regulations. We act with honesty and integrity in all our stakeholder relationships.

Legislation and operating principles to be followed in Finland include principles corresponding to the ten internationally recognised human rights, labour, environment and anti-corruption principles of the UN Global Compact. We require that our partners use corresponding principles, and we use applicable monitoring practices to support the development of responsible operations.

We use fair employment practices. We respect diversity, and we do not discriminate against anyone on the basis of age, gender, ethnic background, beliefs or any other personal attributes. We do not condone harassment, bullying or any other form of unfair treatment. Pohjolan Voima has an equality and non-discrimination plan.

We do not take advantage of our position or any information received through our work for personal gain, and we transparently announce all of our commitments. We do not condone corruption or bribery.

Pohjolan Voima has in place a procedure for reporting any activities violating the code of conduct or suspected abuse of insider information.

We take care of the company’s property and resources, and only use them to achieve our business goals. We protect confidential information, information systems, and tangible and intangible assets owned or managed by Pohjolan Voima from damage and misuse. We carry out our work in a responsible and professional manner.

As part of our responsibility efforts, we apply best practices in our environmental, energy efficiency and occupational health and safety operations, and we strive to continuously improve them.