Annual Report 2019

There is strong expertise and professional competence in Pohjolan Voima


Pohjolan Voima’s energetic, competent and committed employees enable the company’s success in the challenging and transformation of the energy industry.

One of the strategic focus areas of the Pohjolan Voima Group is an energetic attitude, which aims at enabling the implementation of the strategy and the development of a functional corporate culture. The main energetic attitude themes in 2019 were myself as a reformer, my supervisor as a reformer and us a reformers.

Strategy prepared in cooperation with employees

Pohjolan Voima completed extensive work on its strategy in 2019. The strategy work started with an analysis of the operating environment. All of the employees participated in the surveying of the operating environment. We arranged an employee strategy event in the spring with discussions and teamwork on themes such as the underlying assumptions behind the strategy and determination of the vision and mission. The employees also participated in the work on the strategy through discussions in shared electronic discussion forum Viima.

The parent company’s Board of Directors approved the strategy in the summer of 2019. Efficient implementation of the new strategy and the strategic themes requires a review of Pohjolan Voima’s administrative model, operating model, forums, strategic skill requirements and organisational structure. For this reason, employee co-operation negotiations were initiated in the company in late 2019. A new organisational model and a new operating model, both of which promote cooperation, were published after the negotiations. In future, we will control our operations more based on processes.  

Positive development in the field of safety observations

Pohjolan Voima’s corporate culture and operating methods are based on the values that have been determined together with the employees: skilfully, boldly, together. The values guide everything we do. The “skilfully” value also covers the fact that we always work safely.

In 2019, our goals were strengthening Pohjolan Voima’s safety culture, increasing the safety level and motivating employees to make more safety observations. The development of safety indicators and analyses in the entire Group clearly increased the number of safety observations made by the employees. On average 10.7 safety, environmental and energy efficiency observations per employee were made in 2019, compared to 1.4 the previous year.

Pohjolan Voima has good team spirit

We implemented a new kind of personnel satisfaction survey in the Pohjolan Voima Group, using Corporate Spirit’s PeoplePower® concept. The response rate of the Group’s employees was extremely high (83.3%) and the response rate of the parent company’s (Pohjolan Voima Oyj) employees was 88.2%, which reflects the willingness of the employees to participate in the development of the company and its operations.

According to the personnel satisfaction survey results, our strengths include good team spirit and strong investments in the wellbeing of personnel, tools, workspaces and ergonomics, as well as performance-related aspects: good prerequisites for doing your job, effectiveness and flexibility at the unit level, and excellent operating culture in the entire company.

Due to the excellent personnel satisfaction survey results, Pohjolan Voima received an honourable mention in the Most Inspiring Employers in Finland 2019 competition. It is a unique recognition in Finnish working life that can only be achieved by Finnish organisations which reach optimal results and use Corporate Spirit’s personnel satisfaction survey concept.

The results of our Työvire survey on personnel's well-being were also excellent in early 2019. According to the survey results, our strengths include doing meaningful work. Giving and receiving feedback was emphasised as a development area. We arranged feedback training for all employees to develop the feedback culture.

We develop competence

The goal with the personnel training and development actions is to verify the implementation of Pohjolan Voima’s strategy by strengthening the key strategic skills and competencies. The strategic skills are asset management, ability to operate efficiently on the market, innovation skills, a customer-centred approach, management of networks, good performance and ability to renew. They are emphasised in our Voima Academy, which brings together all training courses and events supporting our strategic skills. On average, the employees were in training for four days in 2019 (four days in 2018).

Goal-orientation, profitability, self-management and management by coaching were our skills development focus areas in 2019. All of our experts attended a self-management training course. The practice of Friday briefings continued. The Friday briefings covered themes promoting the strategic skills and other themes that develop the work community.

All supervisors attended a training course in management by coaching. The supervisors determined their management goal as “our management is clear, systematic and well-organised”. The supervisors also gave management promises. Monthly supervisor discussions were arranged to support the supervisors. During these discussions, the supervisors received the latest news and had the opportunity to ask questions and point out development areas, as well as discuss the challenges of supervisory work.

Personnel development is also supported by means of performance reviews and intermediate performance reviews, as well as coaching discussions. The latter are arranged as necessary. A special theme in the 2019 intermediate performance reviews was the preparation of personal development plans.

Key personnel figures in 2019

At the end of 2019, we employed 87 (in 2018: 105) people, of whom nine (15) had a fixed-term employment relationship. The number of workers increased by one person from 2018, and the number of office employees decreased by 19 people from the previous year.

Pohjolan Voima Oyj sold its energy management service business in Harjavalta to Power-Deriva Oy on 8 June 2018. The asset deal took effect on 1 January 2019. In connection with the asset deal, all the employees of Pohjolan Voima Oyj working in energy management in Harjavalta transferred to Power-Deriva as existing employees.

Our prevailing working time arrangement is full-time work. At the end of 2019, a total of 5.7% of the employees were part-time employees. The company employed five summer employees in 2019. In 2019, the average age of the permanent employees was 45 years (45), and 26.9% (25.6%) of the employees were female. The total turnover of permanent employees in 2019 was 3.3% (13.3%).

Number of personnel by Group companies on 31 Dec 2019, in permanent employment, total 78

YhtiöVakituisen henkilöstön määrä
Pohjolan Voima Oyj, 3636
PVO-Vesivoima Oy, 1010
Laanilan Voima Oy, 2828
Kymin Voima Oy, 22
Kaukaan Voima Oy, 22

Number of personnel on 31 Dec in 2015 - 2019, in permanent employment

Number of employees20152016201720182019

Average number of personnel in 2015 - 2019, in permanent employment and on fixed-term contracts

Number of personnel20152016201720182019
Number of personnel19914911910689

Breakdown of personnel by age on 31 Dec 2019, in permanent employment

Number of employees20-2930-3940-4950-5960-63

Years of employment on 31 Dec 2019, in permanent employment

Number of employeesunder 11-56-1011-2021-30over 30

Employee turnover in 2019, in permanent employment

Number of employeesNew recruitsTerminated contracts
Number of employees42

Personnel by personnel group in 2015 - 2019, in permanent employment and on fixed-term contracts

Number of employees20152016201720182019
White-collar workers4823192110
Senior Staff and management7668626153