Pohjolan Voima Annual Report 2023 published

Pohjolan Voima Annual Report 2023

Pohjolan Voima is a long-lived Finnish energy company. We are one of Finland’s largest energy producers - our production accounts for over 20% of the nation's total electricity production. The electricity we produce is almost completely carbon neutral. We produce electricity and heat at cost price for the needs of our owners - Finnish industrial and energy companies. We genereate energy with reliable and adustable hydroelectric, thermal and nuclear power.

Finnish electricity and heat

We have 18 power plants in which we generate over 20 per cent of all the electricity produced in Finland, as well as process steam for industries and district heat for communities. Thanks to hydropower, biopower and nuclear power, the electricity we generate is almost carbon-neutral. We are determined to achieve the same goal in heat production.

Sustainable energy generation

The electricity we produce is almost completely carbon neutral. We are committed to carbon neutrality and improvin biodiversity. We have reduced our emissions through investment and fuel choices. We work relentlessly to mitigate the environmental impacts from hydropower.

About us

We are a Finnish company that is 80 years old. We have made bold decisions and looked ahead throughout our existence. In our field, we are a responsible operator whose professional views and expertise are highly valued. We take good care of our people’s expertise, and our mutual goal is to develop our operations and business culture. We pride ourselves on doing meaningful work in line with our values, skilfully, reliably, together.

For investors

We are an non-listed public limited liability company. Our shareholders are also our customers: a wide range of Finnish industrial and energy companies, for whom we produce electricity and heat at cost price. Under the For investors section, you can find our stock exchange releases, key performance indicators, financial publications and information about administration and financing. We have unsecured bonds listed on the Nasdaq Helsinki stock exchange list.

Pohjolan Voima's Annual Report 2023

The Annual Report includes an overview on the company’s operations, Corporate Governance Statement, Report of the Board of Directors and Financial Statements for the period 1 January – 31 December 2023.

Pohjolan Voima Oyj's January - June half-year financial report 2023

Pohjolan Voima’s electrcity and heat production continued at the normal level. During January – June 2023 Pohjolan Voima’s total electricity supply amounted to 8.0 (6.3) TWh and heat supply was 1.7 (2.0) TWh.