Alongside climate change, the loss of biodiversity is the biggest threat to the planet. In 2022, we surveyed how our operations have affected biodiversity, and how we can play our part in halting the loss of biodiversity. We prepared an action plan for 2023−2027 based on the survey results, focusing on hydropower and thermal power. In terms of nuclear power, the work on biodiversity is carried out by our joint venture Teollisuuden Voima.

Biodiversity is included in our strategy. As a responsible company, we reconcile competitive carbon neutral production with biodiversity. We want to produce hydropower responsibly and use sustainably produced wood-based fuels in CHP.

Our biodiversity vision

Our long-term biodiversity vision is to identify our key impact on biodiversity and move towards net positivity. We will promote our skill set and update our target as knowledge increases.

We have set long-term goals to achieve our vision:

Biodiversity action plan for 2024

Biodiversity action plan for 2024

In hydropower, we continued our collaboration in migratory fish projects

In 2022, we continued cooperation to benefit migratory fish and the aquatic environment in our operating areas.

• Finland’s first downstream migration route for salmon fry, including catching equipment, was introduced at Haapakoski on the Iijoki river in the summer of 2022.

• In 2022–2024, the Lohi Iijokeen (Salmon to Iijoki) project will continue the extensive cooperation of the Iijoki river migratory fish project of 2020–2022 and produce, among other things, information on the functionality of the Haapakoski downstream migration route.

•The Iijoki agreement for 2019–2023 is implementing the Iijoki waterway vision by restoring drained swamps and improving water quality in the Iijoki river catchment area, for example.

• The development of the approximately 9 km long old Raasakka riverbed as a natural breeding area for migratory fish continued by the pumping of 5.5–9.5 m3/s of water into the riverbed throughout the summer season.

• Appeals regarding the Raasakka fishways are still pending at the Administrative Court of Vaasa.

• Our affiliated company Tornionlaakson Voima applied for a permit to build two natural fishways at Portimokoski on the Tengeliönjoki river. This would open up a breeding area of 1,000 km for migratory fish.

• We also participated in joint projects to restore migratory fish stocks in the Kemijoki and Ounasjoki rivers.

• The regulation of Suolijärvi Lakes in the Jumiskonjoki river and lake system was studied, and the eecommended water level regulation ranges were prepared in cooperation with the authorities and residents.

We use sustainable wood-based fuels

We develop sustainable procurement of wood-based fuels. Our goal is to specify our sustainability criteria related to wood-based fuels and to take the criteria into consideration in our fuel procurement agreements. We will also survey the significance of certification in relation to biodiversity. We will find out the share of our wood-based fuels that come from certified sources and evaluate what kind of targets we can set for certification.