Decisive Power

Decisive power for a better tomorrow

Pohjolan Voima has always made bold decisions and has played a key role in building Finland’s competitiveness and wellbeing. Our customers are Finnish export industry and energy companies, as well as cities. Competitive, zero-emission electricity is an important factor in building their future – and the future of our society as a whole.
In the sections that follow, we’ll explain what makes us a decisive power.


Towards a carbon-neutral society

We are one of Finland’s largest energy companies – our production accounts for over 20% of the nation’s total electricity production. The electricity we produce is almost completely carbon neutral. Of all our electricity production, 99% is carbon neutral, and 90% of all our heat production. We produce electricity and heat with reliable and adjustable hydroelectric, thermal and nuclear power that ensures security of supply.

A digital road to the future of energy

With the help of digitalisation, we can make our production plants even more energy efficient, emission-free and reliable. Olkiluoto 3 represents technological excellence even on a global scale,

The need for balancing power increases

Fluctuations in electricity production will be quicker and bigger in the future, because the electricity system will increasingly rely on weather-dependent wind and solar power. This will increase the need for balancing power that ensures the balance between eletricity generation and consumption. Hydropower plays a crucial role as a regulating balancing power: it helps us ensure that electricity will always be available in Finland.

Skilfull, reliable and stable energy provider

We manage our production assets professionally and carefully: timely investment and maintenance ensure that we are a reliable energy supplier and can provide for our customers’ competitiveness.