Responsibility programme

Responsible operations are part of our strategic outlook. We update our responsibility programme each year.

For Pohjolan Voima, responsibility means the responsible management of financial, social and environmental matters.

Most of our production companies have certified environmental management systems that follow the ISO 140001 standard. Furthermore, the environmental management system of TVO (a joint venture of Pohjolan Voima) is EMAS-registered.

In recent years, we have developed our responsibility operations in areas such as safety management, responsibility in value chains and the circular economy.

We will update our responsibility programme more thoroughly by the end of 2020.

By the end of 2020, we will not only review the programme as we do each year, but also update it more thoroughly. Once the programme is complete, we’ll present its focal points on this page and provide a link to the entire programme.

Our responsibility operations are guided by the following:

  • Code of conduct
  • Financial value produced for customers
  • Circular economy
  • Natural diversity
  • Climate change
  • Sustainable production methods
  • Responsible value chain
  • Reliable production operations and life-cycle management
  • Safety and well-being at work
  • Transparency
  • Social influence

Our operations are guided by responsibility policies (Code of Conduct) approved by the Pohjolan Voima Board of Directors.