Pohjolan Voima Group Code of Conduct

1 Overview

This policy describes the basic requirements of the Code of Conduct followed by Pohjolan Voima.

Pohjolan Voima operates in accordance with these ethical principles and in compliance with the law. Pohjolan Voima’s objective is to manage economic, social and environmental matters in a responsible manner. The legislation and operating principles to be followed include principles corresponding to the ten internationally recognised human rights, labour, environment and anti-corruption principles of the UN Global Compact. We require our co-operation partners to follow corresponding principles, and we use applicable monitoring practices to support the development of responsible operations.

2 Ethical principles

We comply with the law and conduct our business with integrity

We are committed to complying with all applicable laws and regulations. If we encounter situations that are open to interpretation, we will seek expert assistance.

We act with honesty and integrity in all our stakeholder relationships. We convey possible promblem areas.

We respect others as individuals

We follow fair employment practices and promote equal treatment for everyone, from the recruitment process to the end of employment. We respect difference. We do not discriminate against anyone on the basis of age, gender, ethnic background, beliefs or other personal attributes.

No abuse, harassment or bullying of another person is tolerated in our work community.

We operate in an open and transparent manner and respect confidentiality

Our open and interactive corporate culture creates a basis for trust and confidence. We engage in open and constructive interaction with our stakeholders.

We do not disclose or share confidential or private information with anyone without proper authorisation and justifiable need.

We avoid conflicts of interest

We do not take advantage of our position or information received through our work for personal gain and bring forth our conflicting interests transparently.

We oppose corruption and do not engage in business relationships with parties that do not abide by anti-corruption laws and regulations.

We do not accept nor offer any gifts or benefits beyond what is considered reasonable and common hospitality in the ordinary course of business or employment. If accepting or offering a gift or a service appears to give rise to a conflict of interest, we always discuss the situation with the management in advance.

We take care of company property

We take care of the company’s property and resources and only use them to achieve our business goals. We protect confidential information, information systems, and tangible and intangible assets owned or managed by Pohjolan Voima from damage and misuse. We carry out our work in a responsible and professional manner.

We ensure the functionality and safety of our work environment

As part of our responsibility efforts, we apply best practices in our environmental, energy efficiency and occupational health and safety operations, and we strive to continuously improve them.

We at Pohjolan Voima apply safe working methods and do not put ourselves, others or the environment at risk. We report any risks or observations in order to develop our work environment.

3 Following the Code of Conduct

Every person working for Pohjolan Voima must follow Pohjolan Voima’s ethical principles and Code of Conduct. We encourage everyone to discuss any questions relating to the Code of Conduct with their supervisor or the appropriate responsible person. The management and the supervisors shall promote operating policies that comply with the company’s ethical principles and set a good example themselves.

Every person working for Pohjolan Voima must report any breach of the Code of Conduct to a supervisor, a member of the company’s management or the internal auditing department. All reports of suspected wrongdoing are processed confidentially and investigated according to the defined procedure.

4 Policies and decision-making

The policies steer the Group’s operations and management. If necessary, the Group management or companies complement the policies with more detailed procedures derived from the policy principles.

In addition to this Code of Conduct, Pohjolan Voima’s responsibility principles are predominantly defined in the Personnel Policy and Environmental and Energy Efficiency Policy.

This Code of Conduct is approved by Pohjolan Voima’s Board of Directors. The Group’s General Counsel is responsible for the Code of Conduct and updates to it.

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