Towards carbon-neutral society

As one of Finland’s biggest energy companies, we have a responsibility to lead the way to a carbon-neutral future. We produce about a fifth of all the electricity generated in Finland. We are already a long way on the journey: already 96% of our electricity production is carbon-neutral.

Climate change is a global challenge, and we at Pohjolan Voima are committed to tackling this. Our actions matter, because we produce about a fifth of all the electricity generated in Finland.

Reducing carbon dioxide emissions is also important to our customers – export companies, energy companies and cities. With carbon-neutral energy production, we play our part in helping our customers act responsibly and enhance their competitiveness. We’re proud of this.

The big picture in energy production

We’re moving towards a carbon-neutral society and cleaner world with determination and one step at a time. Energy production should be seen as a whole, where the right decisions have to be made at the right time. The transition period can be facilitated with the help of systematic and forward-looking political decisions that encourage companies to make bold long-term investments.

In recent years, we have made many decisions that have increased our CO2-neutral energy production. Our carbon-neutral electricity production methods include nuclear power and hydropower, as well as electricity produced with wood-based fuels in our thermal power plants.  We’re proud to say that our decisions have paid off: already 96% of all electricity we produce is already CO2 neutral. But this isn’t enough yet.

We aim at 99% carbon-neutral electricity production and 85% carbon-neutral heat production in 2025.

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