Inspiring workplace

At Pohjolan Voima, our mission is to create crucial power for our customers. Our greatest resource is skilled, motivated and committed personnel. We support our people’s professional development and commitment to developing our work community and corporate culture. Together, we have defined our values according to which we want to operate in our everyday lives – skilfully, reliably and together.

Pohjolan Voima has been declared as the winner in the Finland’s most inspiring workplaces competition in the small organisations’ category for the employee survey results in 2022. The survey was realised by Eezy Flow.
According to the employee survey Pohjolan Voima’s strengths include clear communication to the personnel of the company’s strategy and future outlook, well-being at work and clarity in decision-making roles. Finland’s most inspiring workplaces are ranked each year. The award is given for organisations have achieved excellent results in their employee surveys.

This recognition can be achieved by those Finnish organisations that achieve optimal results in the Corporate Spirit personnel satisfaction survey. Pohjolan Voima was listed as one of Finland’s most inspiring workplaces between 2019-2023. 

At Pohjolan Voima, we undertake long-term work to develop our corporate culture. Based on feedback, we have succeeded in this.

Values take us closer to our common objective 

Pohjolan Voima’s values:  

  • Skilfully 
  • Reliably 
  • Together  

Thanks to our values, our cooperation is good, and we appreciate one another’s work and skills. We are enthusiastic about our work, and we value our input: our work plays a significant role in the bigger picture and within society.  

We believe that our focus on people and culture helps us achieve our objectives and succeed in our mission to be crucial partner for our customers.   

Expertise makes it possible to reform 

We want to be an inspiring workplace for top experts in the energy sector now and in the future. At Pohjolan Voima, people can grow and develop in the long term. Pohjolan Voima employs approximately 40 energy experts. They take care of different kinds of expertise and development tasks.  

We get together on site and increasingly virtually. Personnel development is supported by appraisal discussions and regular sparring reviews. Thanks to developing practices related to flexible work and remote working, our employees feel confident about working virtually.  

A safe workplace for everyone  

We have consistently been developing occupational safety. We believe that when people actively take occupational safety into account, the number of risks and incidents decreases. 

  • The number of occupational safety observations is one of our performance indicators.  
  • Constant safety training and briefings are organised.  
  • Subcontractors and visitors are also familiarised with the safety rules at each plant. 
  • Our employees have been working remotely for years if their tasks have allowed it. In addition, we have come up with solutions to make remote working safe and prepared for any accidents by expanding our insurance coverage, for example.  

More detailed indicators about our personnel are included in our Annual Report.

Further information is available in our Personnel Policy