Inspiring workplace

Smart people work for us, and we’re working for a carbon-neutral future. We are one of Finland’s most inspiring companies.

We are proud of our expertise and we value our input: our work plays a significant role in the bigger picture and within society.

Wellbeing and team spirit at work

In recent years, we have worked hard to develop our business culture and improve employees’ wellbeing. Supervisory work has also been developed. Based on personnel surveys, it has paid off.

We support the professional development of our people, and their commitment to develop our culture.

Good team spirit is one of our strengths. The atmosphere is friendly, and we value each other. Our people can thus be themselves and speak up. Surveys show that equality is at our core.

Flexible working hours in use

Our people can work flexibly with great tools. We have the possibility of working flexible hours. In these tasks, everyone can determine themselves where and when they tackle them.  Freedom and responsibility go hand in hand.

We support our people’s professional development and commitment to make the entire work community and our business culture even better.

Self-management, feedback culture and innovation are currently at the core of our development efforts. Self-management and feedback culture in particular support project-based way of working and our flexible working culture.

We develop competence

We implement our strategy by developing key strategic competencies and by strengthening skills. Our strategic competencies are

  • asset management,
  • ability to operate efficiently on the market,
  • innovation skills,
  • a customer-centred approach,
  • management of networks,
  • good performance,
  • ability to renew.

Our Voima Academy brings together all training courses and events supporting our strategic competencies. Personnel development is also supported by means of performance reviews and intermediate performance reviews, as well as coaching discussions when needed.

Full-time employment relationships that last

Our people work persistently in long-term employment relationships and primarily full-time. The average age of our permanent employees was 45 (at the end of 2019). Twenty-seven per cent of our personnel are women, which is typical in the energy sector.

Working safely

We have consistently been developing occupational safety culture. Our values, skilfully, boldly, together, guide everything we do. The “skilfully” value also covers the fact that we always work safely.

Our goal has been to increase occupational safety observations, for example, making the observation of safety one of the indicators in our scorecards. When people attend to even the smallest risks to safety at work, such risks can be eliminated.

Constant training and briefings are organised on this topic. Subcontractors and visitors at our sites are also familiarised with the rules at each plant.

If tasks can be done remotely, people have been able to choose that option for years. We have therefore considered safety in remote work, and sought solutions to eliminate incidents in remote work. We have, for example, extended our insurance policies for remote work.

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