Energy at a cost for our owners

Pohjolan Voima is a reforming, transparent organisation, able to foresee changes in the operating environment, and thanks to its expertise, always one step ahead.

Pohjolan Voima generates electricity and heat to its shareholders with hydropower, thermal power and nuclear power.


Pohjolan Voima's aim is not to produce profit, but reasonably-priced energy to its shareholders.
Pohjolan Voima's financial situation is solid and its liquidity good.

At-cost principle

Pohjolan Voima generates electricity and heat to its owners at cost. An operating model based on cost price is an effective way to implement energy investments. This operating model enables a large number of actors to participate in projects both directly and indirectly.


Pohjolan Voima has 23 shareholders. The shareholders are Finnish export sector companies, energy companies and cities.

Media contacts

Riitta Larnimaa
Excecutive Vice President, Communications and Public Affairs
tel. +358 50 438 2466

Hannele Kukka
Communications Manager tel. +358 10 478 6383