Energy production









Versatile heat and electricity generation

Pohjolan Voima has 22 power plants across Finland. The versatile production structure brings reliability to energy generation.

Electricity and heat production

Pohjolan Voima's electricity generation was 12.0 TWh in 2018. More than half of this amount (67 %) was generated with nuclear power, 13 % with hydropower, approximately 3 per cent with condensing power, and 17 % with combined heat and electricity generation.


Hydropower is important as regulating power in meeting the difference between consumption and production. Hydropower plants have a long operating life and generate renewable and emission-free electricity reliably.

Pohjolan Voima has eight hydropower plants: five in the river Iijoki, two in the river Kemijoki and one in the river Kokemäenjoki.

In addition, Pohjolan Voima is a partial shareholder in four other hydropower plants.

Thermal power

Thermal power can be divided into combined heat and power production (CHP), and condensing power. The heat produced at CHP plants is used as process steam and as district heat: this raises the overall efficiency of the power plants to well over 90% at best.

Pohjolan Voima has totally or partially owned thermal power plants across Finland.

Nuclear power

Nuclear power satisfies the continuous and consistent need for electricity. Teollisuuden Voima Oyj (TVO), a joint venture partially owned by Pohjolan Voima, has a nuclear power plant located in Olkiluoto, Eurajoki. The power plant comprises two plant units with a combined electricity capacity of 1,780 MW. The third plant unit, OL3 is preparing for production operation.

In November 2015, the Finnish Government granted a construction license for Posiva’s final disposal repository and encapsulation plant to be constructed in Olkiluoto.

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