Responsible Finnish energy

Pohjolan Voima reliably produces cost-effective energy in an ecologically sustainable manner. We aim at a corporate culture that is based on dialogue and cooperation with our stakeholders.

Commitment to good environmental practices

Pohjolan Voima is committed to good management and continuous improvement of environmental issues. Environmental impact is extensively managed.

The environmental impact and risks related to the company’s business are identified and studied in a manner that takes into account lifecycle assessment, among other issues. Only natural resources that are absolutely necessary are utilised when producing electricity. We are committed to improving energy efficiency throughout our energy production modes and at all of our facilities.

By-products into good use

High-quality environmental protection involves not only compliance with binding requirements, but also the efficient use of raw materials and the careful operation and maintenance of power plants.

Other related issues include safe handling, recycling and final disposal of by-products and waste.
Our affiliate Teollisuuden Voima Oyj and Fortum Power and Heat Oy have established Posiva Oy to manage the research and technical implementation of the final disposal of nuclear waste produced by their power plants in Finland.
The spent nuclear fuel will be placed deep into the bedrock close to the Olkiluoto nuclear power plant.

Protecting biodiversity

Biodiversity is taken into account in the operation of all plants, whenever possible. An extensive environmental impact assessment is carried out at the design stage of each power plant. Each power plant has an environmental permit.

We aim at more than 95% carbon neutrality in electricity production

In 2018, we increased our carbon neutrality target in the production of electricity to 95% by 2020. In this manner, Pohjolan Voima contributes to the energy industry’s target to be entirely carbon-free by the year 2050.

The share of our carbon neutral electricity production was 94% in 2019. The share decreased from the previous year due to the lower hydropower production volume and increased use of fossil fuels.

Most of Pohjolan Voima’s production companies have certified ISO 14001 environmental management systems and certified energy efficiency systems or the energy management system ISO 50001. Furthermore, the environmental management system of TVO (a joint venture of Pohjolan Voima) is EMAS registered.

Energy efficiency is improved in many ways both at the production plants and in offices.

Persistent work to improve energy efficiency

Pohjolan Voima has been working to improve its energy efficiency for a long time. Energy efficiency system ETJ+ was created in Pohjolan Voima in 2015. Seven companies received an ETJ+ certificate and two an ISO 50001 certificate.

Documented energy efficiency work has been ongoing for a long time. Pohjolan Voima’s thermal power business signed the Motiva Energy Saving Agreement in 1998 as the fourth company in total.

In 2017, energy efficiency agreements entered their third period of validity, which extends to 2025. All Pohjolan Voima's production companies have joined the agreement for the current period.

Interaction and holding people in high regard

Pohjolan Voima continues to reinforce its engaging, interactive leadership and open business culture. Pohjolan Voima follows the same principles and procedures both within the company and towards its stakeholders. The goal of our stakeholder cooperation is to find environmentally friendly and cost-effective solutions. All our operations are based on confidence and mutual appreciation.

Investments in shared future

Pohjolan Voima has always had the courage to make decisions that reach out far into the future. In the course of the last nearly twenty years, Pohjolan Voima has invested almost four billion euros in hydropower, thermal power and nuclear power. Of this, renewable energy accounts for €1.6 billion.

Pohjolan Voima's investments do their part in maintaining the competitiveness and economic growth of Finnish society.
Pohjolan Voima operates in around twenty locations in Finland. It is an important actor in the economy of these locations both directly and indirectly.