Responsible Finnish energy - Responsibility programme


Responsible operations are part of Pohjolan Voima’s strategic outlook. For Pohjolan Voima, responsibility means the responsible management of financial, social and environmental matters.

Responsible operations mean proactive efforts that support business operations and are based on our core values, code of conduct and ethical principles, with attention to the requirements and expectations of key stakeholders.

Our responsible operations are guided by the responsibility policies approved by our Board of Directors.

Responsibility programme

Pohjolan Voima's action programme to develop responsible corporate operations (responsibility programme) describes the current state of factors of major importance to Pohjolan Voima’s business operations and to its stakeholders, as well as the needs for development and monitoring of these factors. The responsibility programme includes factors that have been identified as important and have been placed under monitoring. Development measures have been established for some of these factors. 

The factors identified in the responsibility programme:

  • Code of conduct
  • Financial value produced for customers
  • Resource efficiency
  • Natural diversity
  • Climate change
  • Sustainable production methods
  • Responsible value chain
  • Reliable production operations and life-cycle management
  • Safety and well-being at work
  • Transparency
  • Social influence

Pohjolan Voima invests in responsibility

In 2020, we will update our responsibility programme extensively.

In 2019, we will develop our responsible operations in the following focus areas:

  • Development of safety management
  • Responsible value chain
  • circular economy

In 2018, we focused on the following areas in the development of responsible operations

  • Development of safety management
  • Responsible value chain
  • Development of NGO cooperation
  • Assessment of circular economy
In 2017, we focused on the following areas in the development of responsible operations
  • We ensure responsible operating methods throughout the value chain.
  • We develop our NGO cooperation.
  • We improve our responsibility reporting.
  • We develop the management of safety.

In 2016, our methods for improving responsible operations included the following:

  • Improving traceability of the fuel supply chains.
  • Web training programme for the personnel on the code of conduct and responsible business operations.
  • Further specification of our social influence practices and increasing transparency.
  • Promotion of dialogue with NGOs.