Lohenpoikanen haavissa, Luonnonvarakeskuksen sähkökalastuksen tulosta

Measures to return migratory fish to the old natural riverbed of the Iijoki river at Raasakka continue. The municipality of Ii, PVO-Vesivoima Oy and the South and North Ii fishery collectives have signed an agreement on the development of the old riverbed of the Iijoki river at Raasakka for 2022 and 2023.

The most significant and nationally interesting outcome of the previous project, completed at the end of 2021, was the natural spawning of salmon: the smolt born in the old riverbed in 2018 returned from sea migration to spawn in the river in 2021. This was achieved in just five years by improving the upstream migration and spawning conditions of the fish by remediating the fishway, spawning grounds and nursery areas, for example, and by running more water in the riverbed at peak upstream migration times. In addition, recreational opportunities in the area were improved by renovating shore areas and routes.

The new project continues the efforts to restore the natural cycle of migratory fish and river lampreys and to improve the recreational value of the area. PVO-Vesivoima will run more water more than normally into the riverbed throughout the summer season. This alone facilitates recreational values and opportunities. In the Uiskari fishway, the flow will be at least 4 cubic metres per second. This will create better conditions for salmon, trout, whitefish and river lampreys to migrate upstream to the natural riverbed. A counter and video equipment have been installed in the Uiskari fishway to monitor the upstream migration.

The goal is also to improve the breeding and living conditions of whitefish, river lampreys and grayling. In addition, the project will improve recreational and fishing opportunities in the area.

The old natural riverbed of the Iijoki river at Raasakka is around 9 kilometres long. It runs past the Raasakka power plant to the Uiskari fishway and ends at the regulating dam of the power plant.


Risto Tolonen, Team Kala Cooperative, tel. +358 400 434 798

Jyrki Salo, PVO-Vesivoima Oy, tel. +358 50 3058 299

Ilkka Pakonen, representative of the municipality of Ii, tel. +358 50 4007 980