Skilful, reliable and stable energy provider

We are responsible for significant assets, and we take good care of them. With timely investment and maintenance, we can ensure our position as a reliable energy supplier for our customers.

We manage our production assets professionally and accurately. Our top expertise in asset management is especially reflected in persistent planning of investments and maintenance activities: we aim to find solutions with far-reaching effects.

A well-managed production asset ensures reliable energy production for our customers. The value of production assets increases with investment and maintenance, and this in turn creates additional value for our customers – and improves their competitiveness.

We operate efficiently with our networ partners especially in maintenance. We develop production asset management together with our partners, seek synergy benefits in power plant maintenance and share best practises.
Read more about co-operation in networks.

We take good care of our production assets throughout their entire life span.

We have 18 power plants, as well as structures and spaces related to those plants. We take good care of them throughout their entire lifespan: it is important and sensible. We invest at the right time, perform constant, pre-emptive maintenance and develop both our operations and our production processes even more flexible, reliable and energy efficient. It is responsible life cycle management.

A well-managed production asset is also a significant environmental accomplishment. Read more about our responsible operations.