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Electricity and heat production

Pohjolan Voima produces electricity and heat for its shareholders on an at-cost basis. In 2017, Pohjolan Voima’s electricity production was 10.9 TWh. Our share of all electricity produced in Finland was 17%. Heat production totalled 3.2 TWh.

Pohjolan Voima’s total electricity production capacity was 2,653 MW at the end of 2017. Its share was about 16% of Finland’s total electricity production capacity. Heat production capacity was 1,563 MW. The total electricity production capacity includes the capacity of PVO-Lämpövoima Oy’s condensing power plants (477 MW), which are no longer in production operation.

Hydropower production

Pohjolan Voima partially or fully owns a total of 12 hydropower plants located along the Iijoki, Kemijoki, Kokemäenjoki and Tengeliönjoki rivers. The combined electricity generation capacity of these plants is 541 MW, of which Pohjolan Voima’s share is 449 MW. Pohjolan Voima’s hydropower capacity increased by 2 MW when our associate company Länsi-Suomen Voima Oy’s power plant renewal project was completed at the end of the year.

In 2017, a total of 1.8 TWh of electricity was produced using hydropower, which is close to the production volume for an average year.

The power plants are in good condition and their energy efficiency is excellent due to the recent restorations. Over the past few years, Pohjolan Voima has invested approximately €60 million in the restoration of hydropower plants and hydropower capacity increases.

Thermal power production

In its thermal power production, Pohjolan Voima's total capacity is 1,198 MW, of which 575 MW is combined heat and power production and 623 MW is condensing power production. The condensing power production capacity includes PVO-Lämpövoima Oy’s condensing power plants (477 MW), which are no longer in production operation.

The combined heat and power plants produce process steam for local industry and district heat for local communities, as well as electricity. In 2017, the heat output of the combined heat and power plants was 3.2 TWh (compared to 4.3 TWH in 2016) and the electricity output was 1.4 TWh (1.8 TWh). The condensing power plants produced 0.1 TWh of electricity (0.4 TWh). The volume of heat production has decreased due to reasons such as the low electricity market price, the fact that the power plant of Kokkolan Voima broke away from Pohjolan Voima and the fact that the heat production volume of Porin Prosessivoima’s power plant decreased due to lower demand caused by a fire in the adjacent industrial area.

In 2017, the thermal power plants consumed 3.4 TWh of wood-based fuels, 1.5 TWh of peat, 1.0 TWh of coal and 0.4 TWh of recycled fuel. Oil and natural gas are used as startup and backup fuels.

Nuclear power production

Teollisuuden Voima Oyj (TVO), a joint venture partially owned by Pohjolan Voima, operates a nuclear power plant in Olkiluoto, Eurajoki. After a power increase at the turn of the year, the combined output of the nuclear power plant’s two units is now 1,770 MW.

The Olkiluoto nuclear power plant had a good production year all in all, but the production volume was lower due to major modernisations. Due to the modifications, the rated output of the OL2 unit increased to 890 MW at the turn of the year (from 880 MW). Total production volume of the entire power plant was 13.4 TWh. Pohjolan Voima’s share of the production amounted to 7.6 TWh. The capacity factor of the plant units was 87.2%.

Pohjolan Voima's electricity production in 2017, 10.9 TWh

Pohjolan Voima's electricity production in 2017

Pohjolan Voima's electricity production capacity on 31 Dec 2017, MW

Pohjolan Voima's electricity production capacity on 31 Dec 2017

Pohjolan Voima's electricity production, by energy source, in 2013 - 2017

Pohjolan Voimas electricity production by energy source in 2013 - 2017

Pohjolan Voima's fuels in heat and electricity production in 2013  - 2017

Pohjolan Voima's fuels in heat and electiricity production in 2013 - 2017

Production capacity as of 31 December, 2017