Pohjolan Voima Group Personnel Policy

1 Overview

The principles of Pohjolan Voima’s Personnel Policy are based on Pohjolan Voima’s values – skilfully, reliably, together – and responsible operating practices. The Personnel Policy describes the key personnel management operating principles for various sectors. Each of the members of the management groups of the companies of the Pohjolan Voima Group is responsible for compliance with the Personnel Policy and the personnel principles, as well as personnel resources, in their area of responsibility. Each employee’s immediate supervisor acts as the employer’s representative in personnel matters. Every person working for Pohjolan Voima is responsible for developing a good work community and maintaining a good working atmosphere.

The principles of Pohjolan Voima’s Personnel Policy are based on Pohjolan Voima’s values – skilfully, reliably, together – and responsible operating practices

2 Operating principles


At Pohjolan Voima, every employee is treated equally. We actively work to prevent any discrimination and harassment of employees.

Management and supervisory work

The management and the supervisors implement the principles of responsible personnel management and the approved management process. A good working atmosphere, open interaction and trust form the basis for management and supervisory work.

The personnel knows the objectives of Pohjolan Voima and their unit, as well as their personal objectives, and is committed to reaching them.

Communication with personnel is conducted in an active and open manner.

Competence and development

Supervisors are responsible for the competence of the Pohjolan Voima personnel and the long-term, target-oriented development thereof. Every person working for Pohjolan Voima is responsible for developing their own competence, as well as the competence of the whole work community. We employ successor planning to ensure that no key competencies are lost.

We make use of the personnel’s competence by arranging tasks in relevant packages and implementing appropriate work arrangements. The responsibility areas facilitate the overall progress of operations, and every person working for Pohjolan Voima knows the content and goals of their work. Success at work requires a readiness for change, a proactive attitude and responsibility.

Personnel planning and employer branding

Personnel planning ensures the implementation of Pohjolan Voima’s strategy, retaining of key competencies and proper personnel recruitment. Pohjolan Voima prepares annual personnel plans. Recruitment is based on business needs. The most suitable person with the greatest potential for development is selected for each position.

Pohjolan Voima’s employer brand is based on its reputation as a good place to work.

Salary and rewards

Each person’s salary is determined on the basis of the demands of the task and their individual success at the job. Every person working for Pohjolan Voima has an opportunity to improve their performance and, consequently, through their performance at work, the profitability of their operations and their own competence make a difference with regard to their earnings. Results-based rewards require exceeding the standard level of performance and utilisation of competence. The personnel knows how they can develop their individual performance in order to reach their objectives.

Occupational well-being, health and safety

By investing in well-being at work, we aim to ensure that the work progresses smoothly, the employees recognise the importance of their work and everyone maintains their working capacity. We support the employees in maintaining their working capacity and prevent occupational injuries and diseases by taking preventive measures with regard to occupational well-being. Every person working for Pohjolan Voima is responsible for maintaining occupational safety.

3 Policies and decision-making

The policies steer the Group’s operations and management. If necessary, the Group management or companies complement the policies with more detailed procedures derived from the policy principles.

In addition to this policy, Pohjolan Voima’s responsibility principles are predominantly defined in the Code of Conduct and the Environmental and Energy Efficiency Policy.

The Personnel Policy is approved by Pohjolan Voima’s Board of Directors. The Executive Vice President of Human Resources is responsible for the Personnel Policy and updates to it.