Kemijoki Oy and PVO-Vesivoima Oy are renewing the operations of Voimalohi Oy, owned jointly by the two companies. In the future, Voimalohi’s scope of operation will expand to cover the development and implementation of actions in support of reviving migratory fish stocks. The aim is to develop Voimalohi into Finland’s leading expert in the revival of migratory fish stocks.

Kemijoki Oy and PVO-Vesivoima are committed to promoting biodiversity in the natural environment. Both companies have set objectives and devised action plans for their work on biodiversity.

Both companies are committed to the revival of migratory fish stocks

Kemijoki Oy will plan and implement its actions for reviving migratory fish stocks in collaboration with local operators. For example, Kemijoki Oy has committed to the establishment of migratory connections in the Ounasjoki river and to the implementation of river habitat improvements. PVO-Vesivoima also aims to develop the natural migration patterns of migratory fish through extensive collaboration. In line with the Iijoki Vision, the objective for the Iijoki river is to first implement an upstream migration solution for the Raasakka power plant located downstream, and to further develop the downstream migration route already completed for the Haapakoski power plant located upstream. Based on this experience, development work will continue in phases.

Kemijoki Oy and PVO-Vesivoima are convinced that the revival of migratory fish stocks and the production of hydroelectric power to help keep climate change in check can be combined.

“The long-term objective of Kemijoki Oy and PVO-Vesivoima is to restore the migratory fish stocks in the Kemijoki and Iijoki rivers. As the owners of Voimalohi, we are committed to developing the company into Finland’s leading expert on the implementation of migratory fish restoration. Voimalohi will also continue to farm and stock fish,” says Jani Pulli, Managing Director of PVO-Vesivoima and Chairman of the Board of Voimalohi.

In the future, Voimalohi will undertake actions outlined in the migratory fish strategies by Kemijoki Oy and PVO-Vesivoima along the Kemijoki and Iijoki rivers, and manage the two companies’ migratory fish solutions as needed.

“Voimalohi’s scope of operation will expand to the restoration of migratory fish stocks in harnessed rivers, including the development of fishways, transport of fish, and downstream migration routes, and the restoration of fish stocks and supportive stocking of the rivers. Voimalohi’s owners are among Finland’s largest producers of hydroelectric power, and their resources and know-how will help ensure the successful expansion of Voimalohi’s scope of operation,” says Tuomas Timonen, President and CEO of Kemijoki Oy.

Step by step, based on research

In its work to revive migratory fish, Voimalohi will proceed step by step, continuously learning from the results of its research. The company is already working extensively with research organisations, authorities, and local fishing associations and organisations.

Voimalohi’s knowledge of its customers is built on comprehensive know-how and a long track record in farming and stocking fish. Since the start of 2023, the unit focusing on migratory fish restoration has been directed by Head or Research and Development Mikko Jaukkuri, who switched over to Voimalohi from the Natural Resources Institute Finland. In total, Voimalohi employs 17 experts and seasonal workers.

Further information

Jani Pulli
Managing Director, PVO-Vesivoima Oy
Chairman of the Board, Voimalohi Oy
Tel. +358 50 386 2680

Tuomas Timonen
President and CEO, Kemijoki Oy
Tel. +358 20 703 4410

Kemijoki Oy

Kemijoki Oy is Finland’s largest producer of hydroelectric power and regulating energy. The company owns 20 hydropower plants, of which 16 are located in the Kemijoki river area, two along the Lieksanjoki river, and two along the Kymijoki river. Kemijoki Oy also regulates the Lokka and Porttipahta reservoirs as well as the Kemijärvi and Olkkajärvi lakes. In 2022, the company’s power plants produced 4,750 GWh of renewable hydroelectric power to help keep climate change in check and in support of Finland’s national supply security. More information about Kemijoki Oy is available at

PVO-Vesivoima Oy

PVO-Vesivoima Oy’s hydropower plants produce electricity along the Iijoki, Kemijoki, and Kokemäenjoki rivers. The average total annual energy production output of the company is 1.7 TWh. PVO-Vesivoima is part of the Pohjolan Voima Group.; Twitter: @PVOVesivoima

Voimalohi Oy

Voimalohi is an expert organisation that develops and implements actions in support of migratory fish restoration as defined by its owners, Kemijoki Oy and PVO-Vesivoima. Additionally, Voimalohi farms fish for stocking marine areas and inland waters, and also procures fish stocks from its contract farmers. Founded in 1987, Voimalohi helps ensure the fulfilment of its owners’ obligations for fishery and fish stock management in the Kemijoki and Iijoki region and along the Lieksanjoki river. More information about Voimalohi is available at Voimalohi