Pohjolan Voima Group Environmental and energy efficiency policy

1 Overview

This policy describes the principles followed by Pohjolan Voima in environmental and energy matters.

2 Operating principles

We know the environmental impacts of our operations

We recognise and determine the environmental impacts and risks resulting from our operations, the natural values related to our operations and opportunities to make our generation and use of energy more efficient. When preparing impact assessments, we take into account the entire life cycle of the power plant, from project planning to decommissioning.

We are committed to improving energy efficiency throughout our energy production modes and in all of our facilities.

We manage all aspects of environmental impacts

With regard to energy production and management of environmental matters, our minimum standard is compliance with legislation, permits and other binding requirements governing our operations. Efficient and environmentally friendly energy production and use of raw materials is important to us. We operate and manage all power plants and other sites that we are responsible for in a careful and appropriate manner.

We safely utilise, process and dispose of all by-products and waste. In the case of a disturbance or an accident, we will do everything in our power to prevent environmental damage.

Our personnel recognises environmental impacts

Every person working for Pohjolan Voima must recognise the environmental and energy efficiency matters related to their own work, as well as the associated development opportunities. We train, guide and encourage our personnel to be aware of the principles of our environmental and energy efficiency policy and their own role in its implementation. We require our personnel and service providers to have the necessary competence and to carry out their work with responsibility and professionalism.

We take our stakeholders into account in our operations

We engage in open and constructive interaction with the communities and residents in our operating locations, the authorities and our other stakeholders. The aim of our stakeholder cooperation is to find environmentally friendly and cost-effective solutions.

We continuously develop our operations

We monitor the changes taking place in our operating environment, and we take environmental and energy-related aspects into account in developing our operations. We ensure the continuous development of our operations by employing appropriate management and monitoring methods. Through investments in its current and future power plants, Pohjolan Voima strives to decrease the environmental impacts and improve the energy efficiency of its operations and, for its part, to promote the securing of a carbon-neutral future in 2035 in Finland. In addition of blocking the climate change, our aim is to secure biodiversity. We regularly assess the actions that we have taken to decrease the environmental impacts and improve the energy efficiency of our operations.

3 Policies and decision-making

The policies steer the Group’s operations and management. If necessary, the Group management or companies complement the policies with more detailed procedures derived from the policy principles.

In addition to this policy, Pohjolan Voima’s responsibility principles are predominantly defined in the Code of Conduct and the Personnel Policy.

The Environmental and Energy Efficiency Policy is approved by Pohjolan Voima’s Board of Directors. The Executive Vice President responsible for environmental matters is responsible for the Environmental and Energy Efficiency Policy and updates to it.